National Disability Employment Awareness Month

By the 2rbConsulting team - September 28, 2017 

October is a time for us to recognize the contributions of America’s People with Disabilities (PwD) and continue to educate and raise awareness about the value of having a diverse workforce. It’s important for employers to create an inclusive environment that gives every individual an equal opportunity to contribute and succeed. Understanding that people learn in different ways and have their own perspectives that are unique to their own experiences play a major role in workforce success.

The theme of this year’s campaign is: Inclusion drives innovation. Having an inclusive workforce for people with disabilities not only drives business but drives innovation as well. As technology is becoming more accessible to people with disabilities, in return, it is driving innovative breakthroughs from both companies and people with disabilities. Giving these individuals the opportunity to add value with their unique skill sets and experience will only help strengthen workforce success.

At 2rbConsulting, we celebrate and support our community’s efforts to promote and hire People with Disabilities. As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business and certified member of USBLN, we appreciate our corporate partners who actively reach out to PwD’s and provide them with the same opportunity that any other individual would have.