"2rbConsulting jump started my career. Had they not truly cared for my professional growth, I'd not be where I am today. For two years, I worked with 2rbConsulting internally as a recruiter, placing many professionals at clients sites locally and nationally. I wanted to take my career in a more technical direction and discussed this with Betta, the CEO of 2rbConsulting. She was very willing to help me achieve my career goals, even though it meant she'd lose a recruiter. Soon afterwards I started a new position as a Cloud Support Engineer at Microsoft. I continued to grow and take on more responsibilities over the next 2 years as a contractor for 2rbConsulting. 

Because of Betta's and the rest of the 2rb team's honest dedication to my professional growth, 've just recently secured a very technical, full-time position, outside of 2rbConsulting. Infinite thanks to Betta and the rest of the 2rbConsulting team for jump starting my career!"

-Isaac Benton